So, we claim to believe in science and the best for our patients. And yet, day in and day out, we apply cervical collars, backboards, prophylactic IVs, prophylactic oxygen, prophylactic code 3 response, etc, etc.

I don’t understand how we can pretend to be looking out for their best interest when the best we can come up with is analogous to witchcraft, voodoo or superstition.

Yet daily, we perpetrate these crimes on our patients, all the while telling them it’s in their best interest, or the all time favorite “just in case…” We are overseen by physicians, who are supposed to be scientists and believe in logic, reason and proof.

Why then does this august body of educated individuals demand that we abuse these patients all in the name of…..I don’t know what. But it surely isn’t science. Will we someday do what it is right, or we will continue doing this abuse forever? Discuss


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