Missing the forest for the trees

Coming up on EMS week 2014 and I was having a thought.

So, we see these nice stories in the academic EMS journals 10th grade reading level glossy magazines aimed at the adrenaline junky, hero craving portion of our industry. All about things like aeromedical and how they truly matter and such. And always, hidden away somewhere is some story about something that really matters. About these places that truly get it and have stopped placing patients in the torture, abuse treatment known as spinal immobilization.

There’s some halfhearted attempt at making it sound, rightfully so, like that should become the standard. And you talk to any of these so called high performance EMS despots leaders and you get some politician worthy lip service about how they’ll look into it.

If we want to be worthy of this years’ EMS week theme of “Dedicated. For Life” then maybe we should try and live up to it. Let’s lose the hero tag, lose the adrenaline junky tag. Let’s get past the “leaders” that crave nothing more than to be a media darling and some good old career advancement.

Instead, let’s drop all that. Drop the ridiculous posturing and turf wars. Drop the “we’ve always done it that way” arguments. Let’s stop missing the forest for the trees. Let’s treat our patients. Treat them fairly, correctly, with science and not always what they or someone else wants, but what they need.

Let’s stop missing the forest for the trees.


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