Now, don’t get me wrong.  I’m all in on science and evidence based medicine and research.  I believe we can always be improving upon the care that we provide.

Why is it then that our local poo flinging monkeys “leaders” insist on always changing the way that things are done at least every 6 months?  How are we supposed to actually do anything approaching research into effectiveness in that period of time?  Why do we listen to consultants that insist that no matter what we’ve done in the past, it’s wrong!  Some of the things we’ve done are wrong, sure, I get that, and as such we should certainly abandon them and replace with better things.  Some of them however are good, and I’d argue a good number of things we do are neutral and don’t need changing just for the sake of change or minimal money savings.

To me it seems like the consultants out there that I’ve run across in the world of EMS have one of fixing problems. Their solutions to me all seem to be just like the Bobs from Office Space.

But, are they really fixing the problem?  Or are they just creating a whole new problem?

And here I thought, apparently mistakenly, that if you took care of the patient, you couldn’t go wrong.  I’m such a simpleton.  Time for more Kool-Aid from the vat of high performance EMS apparently.





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