So. Yeah.

So, it’s been a while.  How’s everyone been?  I’ve been too busy lazy to write for quite sometime.  Also, I’ve just not been that inspired enraged.  Between the general EMS stuff that just never changes and private EMS agencies claiming they’re better than fire or other governmental run EMS with no real proof of benefit.  Yeah, yeah there’s Detroit and DC and their messes, but they get on the news because they are run by the government.  And poorly.

But the question that is begging to be asked is, for every Detroit Fire/EMS that’s out there, how many private EMS agencies are there providing as bad or worse service and not getting the press because they’re not 1) in Detroit, 2) publicly funded and thus subject to scrutiny as directed by our elected leaders politicians  individuals?

So the question I have for right now, and will probably talk about again later at length is why is private EMS considered superior to public EMS?  Is it just all the recent public sentiment against the government, or is there some actually legitimate reason?


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