Evidence based what?

So, with all the hype about evidence based medicine, about peer reviewed literature, double blind studies, and above all the safety of the patients, where is the panacea we seek? It certainly can’t be in blanket spinal immobilization, can it? Are prophylactic IV lines for all the answer?

If not, why do we continue with the status quo? Where are the indignant rages of the medics that know more than that enshrined within the Holy protocols? Why do we continue to bow to these clerics of the pontifical online medical command system? Where lie the heretical medical directors caught up in an apoplectic fit? Why do we continue to provide care that is little more than indistinguishable from patient neglect, if not straight out abuse?

IF this is really about the patient care, then maybe we can do away with medical directors and medical control worrying about the “politics” and maybe just worry about what’s right or the patients? But I guess that’s what we have position papers and academia. Why would we ever think of actually following the advice of so called experts like the American College of Surgeons or the NAEMSP? Are there nothing more than heretics? Or better yet are they simply placed there to keep those of us have taken the red pill from getting too crazy? Where are the gunslingers to protect the innocent victims?

Don’t worry, just keep telling Mrs. Smith that the straight backboard is good for her kyphosis as long as you apply the medical command approved indulgence of “padded voids”? That and your papal medical command blessing and all will be forgiven my son. The problem is when someone pulls back the curtain and exposes His Holiness for the fraudulent “Wizard” that he really is. What then oh supplicants? Til later lads and lassies, stay safe.